Learning together and growing together

The Knowledge Hub

Programs conducted at our Training and Development Academy plays a pivotal role in our strategy of continued people empowerment and resource enhancement. Our panel of qualified lecturers focus on teaching English, Computer skills and Management studies. Our senior staff conduct classes for our supervisory and floor level employees. The subjects cover a myriad of practical areas that equips one to live effectively, including managing home finance, open book management, analyzing financial statements, organic farming, marketing, personality development and the power of positive attitude. In keeping with our philosophy of learning from each other, the participants are encouraged to share their feedback and ideas on

the lectures and the resource panels, challenging us to constantly upgrade our programme content to reflect the needs of our participants.

Out Bound Training Program

The family that plays together, stays together. Our annual Out Bound Program proves this statement. Focused on enhancing the leadership and communication skills of all our employees, the much awaited event in our calendar, has also been one of the most effective means of building the One Team, One Family culture within our organization.

Educating our Kids

Most of our floor level employees come from middle to low income families and struggle to support the educational needs of their growing children. Recognizing this burden we provide the annual stationery and schoolbook requirement for all their children. Initiated in 2008, we carry this tradition to date. In 2016 we gifted schoolbooks and stationery to almost 100 students from around 65 families.

Health and Wellness

Eye Clinic and Annual Health Check Up

In the spirit of ensuring the health and wellness of our team, in November 2013 we spearheaded an Eye Clinic giving free eye checkups for all our staff and free spectacles for 287 floor level employees. That initiative has now evolved into Comprehensive Annual Health Checkup.

Health Insurance and Life Insurance

In 2004, we introduced a fully paid comprehensive health insurance cover for all our employees. In the case of families employees the cover extends to include their families. The “Accident Insurance/Workmen’s Compensation Policy” introduced in 2015 includes permanent and contract workers alike; ensuring support and relief in the event of death, injury or loss of income due to injury.

In-house first aid facilities are available to face injuries to members. From 2012, we have been providing free life and critical illness cover to all our members.



We take great pride in our Human Resources Information System, which links all our employees digitally, through desktop and mobile devices, resulting in a real time responsive HR service; enabling them to make requests, evaluate performance, receive corporate and market news, communicate with others and engage on social media. The kiosks for shop floor employees that were installed in 2017 lets them enjoy the full benefits of this program.

Open Book Management Policy

Our 100% open book management policy maintains transparency with all our employees, giving them access to critical all information, financial and otherwise, at our weekly huddles. A novel incentive system empowers management at all levels to jointly agree on big numbers & incentives which are paid out on a quarterly basis.

Empowering the Small Farmers

Promoting Organic and Fairtrade Farming

Complementing our efforts to carve out sustainable livelihood to underprivileged farmers is our commitment to protect and promote the health of our tiny planet. Promoting good agricultural practices necessitates giving prominence to ORGANIC and FAIRTRADE farming; as this is what paves the way lead to healthy living and a healthier planet. The premium income earned from marketing organic produce will lead to a more sustainable livelihood for all involved. We encourage and support the conversion of existing conventional factory/land with our partner network, providing grants for certification costs and

assisting the farmers in the certification process, all with a firm guarantee to purchase all the produce.

Small Farming Development Fund

With the onset of the 2016/17 financial year we have allocated a significant sum of money towards enhancing small farmer livelihood. Seeking to fund projects that promote organic agriculture and production we allocated US$ 50,000 for the year 2016/17. We invite our small farming associations to send in their proposals.

Money will be distributed once the proposals are well whetted for viability and sustainability. A transparent mechanism of disbursement is supported by a systematic auditing procedure that measures effectiveness and ensure fair practice

Developing the Entrepreneur ; Collaboration with the Uva Wellassa University

Our latest project involves us starting small organic farms and processing factories, in collaboration with the University of Uva Wellassa. The University renowned for its entrepreneurial drive, especially in the arena of agriculture, has richly contributed to our growth – many of their alumni playing a pivotal part in our journey, as employees and interns. We strongly believe that this project will empower deserving graduates and the less privileged small farmers of the area to become successful entrepreneurs. The full initial investment (both fixed and working capital) for the.

entrepreneurial projects will be borne by us; but the ownership is shared with other stakeholders; the graduates and farmers the graduates and farmers. Members from our enthusiastic middle management and the graduates of the university will be appointed as Co-CEOs. Our vision is a series of small organic farms linked to one big processing factory. The University will supervise the project, send in batches for internship and specific training; and in turn receive a percentage of the sales income. In the long term we will exit these projects, transferring full ownership to the graduates and the small farmers.

Taking Care of our Community

Disaster Relief Work

We are quick to respond to meet the needs created by natural disasters – be it one of our own or society at large. We also make significant contributions to any employee or society at large affected by natural disasters, currently decided on a case-by-case basis. With the increase in mass scale destruction due to natural causes, we intend to implement a policy to clearly define the scope of such contributions in the future.

In November 2014, we donated dry rations and sanitary products to the victims of the Koslanda landslide. Moved by the hardship we witnessed

on ground and inspired by the courage of the people affected by the tragedy we consulted the authorities to work on possible long-term relief projects with them.In May 2016, when quite a few districts in Sri Lanka were devastated due to flash floods, 70 of our own employees and their families were deeply affected. As one the company responded with immediate relief measures and within a few weeks donated over US$ 35,000/- to the 70 affected families. The contribution helped them rebuild their homes and to replace critical lost and damaged items.