Value Sharing through LOVE, CARE, CHANGE

We LOVE the people who form the backbone of our business – those who grow and process our teas within our network of farms and factories. In as much as we CARE about the quality of our product so do we CARE about the quality of life enjoyed by our farmers and our workforce. We see their unstinting labour to achieve and ensure that the stringent standards we set for our product quality are met. We recognize and laud this dedication and in turn we strive hard to CHANGE their lives to empower them and their families to lead productive and sustainable lives.

Our unique value sharing model “Love Care Change” is purposed towards achieving this goal. Our current efforts are wide and varied. We provide training in a variety of areas to build knowledge and skill in new methodology that increases productivity in a sustainable manner. We initiate projects that foster and support the spirit of entrepreneurship. We create events and activities that help us come together to celebrate life and each other in the spirit of fun and community. We also ensure that we set aside relief funds so that appeals for donations do not go unheard. We are an integral part of the community that we work with. We see ourselves as partners in a mutual journey that leads to a sustainable economic prosperity, that protects and promotes not just the well being of all the stakeholders within our community but also the well being of the environment that has been entrusted to our care.