Our Story and Core Values

We believe in reflecting our love for tea into every other aspect of our business too. We love keeping our environment natural and our people happy. It is our commitment to be green and ethical in business. That is why at Amazon Teas, we only buy organic produce and that too, only grown by small farmers, our Superheroes.

Our delicate quantities of fresh organic produce carry with them all the goodness of Mother Earth. The art of Tea farming practiced by the small plantation Superheroes involves a meticulous method of maximizing produce without the use of chemical fertilizers, thus maintaining the natural vibrancy of the soils.

More impressively, our Superheroes minimize their carbon footprint through active erosion prevention and waste management to ensure the sustainability of our planet.

And for their admirable work, it is only fair that we pay them a premium on top of the Fair-trade price for their produce. Now, with each new season, the farmers are super excited to farm more and more organic.

All this nature-love and freshness transcends across the business and reinforces our first and foremost priority; the well being of everyone. This includes our resourceful planet, our suppliers and most importantly, our Tea lovers.

Our people’s love and commitment towards the brand makes our journey all the more worthwhile. Some times, when loaded with shipments, we catch a Senior Manager walk down to help the packaging department with packing the Teas. No matter our position, we share one goal and that’s to deliver the best cuppa.

Our Tea experts are creatively playful when innovating new flavours and are limited by nothing to ensure that the creations diffusing in our Tea-lovers’ cups are beyond delicious.

Our print designers add the finishing touches needed to complete our brand. They bring our pretty, colourful and fun vision to life. Our central feature; a vintage tea pot with flowers, herbs and teas wafting away and other fabulous designs created are greatly appreciated by our Tea-lovers. In fact, it’s hard to believe but sometimes our motifs are fancied as pantry decor! And even better, our packaging process entails high degree of manual work. Therefore, not only are our Teas packed in a green and carbon-emission free manner but also delicately placed, elegantly boxed and lovingly handled!